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Local Business SEO: Expectations vs. Reality

Most SEO marketing companies do NOT provide an SEO guarantee. A majority of local marketing specialists and SEO marketing companies will tell you that they will “TRY” to rank your site. Rankings fluctuate and therefore it is impossible to guarantee anything to begin with.

However to improve SEO and to do effective local marketing there are little-known niche-specific local marketing strategies and tactics Excel Performance Media Local SEO provides to business owners and local SEO services / local marketing firms as well:

Here’s an overview:

  1. Local lead generation with dental SEO

  2. Small business marketing concepts with orthodontist SEO

  3. Local marketing trends in medical SEO

  4. Local lead generation with SEO for therapists

  5. Local marketing with chiropractor SEO

  6. Small business marketing with SEO for drug rehab

  7. Google local map listing for church website SEO

  8. Local marketing strategy with law firm SEO

  9. Local marketing plan template with attorney SEO

  10. Local marketing system with SEO for lawyers blog

  11. Small business marketing leads with SEO for accountants

  12. Lead generation techniques with SEO for manufacturers

  13. Shop local marketing ideas with distributor SEO

  14. Best local marketing campaigns with automotive SEO

  15. Local marketing solutions with SEO for recruitment agencies

  16. Importance of local marketing with SEO for auto dealers and how to make a small business marketing plan including car dealer SEO

  17. Local marketing with SEO for real estate investors

  18. Local marketing help for apartment SEO

  19. Google maps business listing with construction SEO

  20. Lead generation strategies with SEO for contractors

  21. Small business marketing strategies that work with roofing SEO

  22. Local marketing campaigns with carpet cleaning SEO

  23. Google map listing with plumbing hvac SEO

  24. Local leads with pest control SEO

  25. Local marketing automation with SEO for realtors

  26. Sales lead generation with real estate SEO and Local marketing app with SEO for real estate agents

  27. Local leads with SEO for insurance agents

  28. Local marketing ideas with SEO for photographers

Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Local lead generation with dental SEO

The reality is when someone is searching for a dentist and they are ready to make an appointment they are more than likely looking for something specific than just a local dentist. So rather than “dentist + location” it’s much more likely they would use “female dentist + location” or “cheap dental implants + location”. There are over 1,000 search terms relevant to dentistry that refer to buyer intent. In other words, the kind of phrases people use when they are ready to book an appointment. That’s with countless variations that include services and locations. Some people might search for a service in an area of town, so should you target that search term? This is different from standard SEO. Typically, an SEO service will target 15 main search terms, such as dentist + location or a keyword that includes a service “dental implants + location”. For most dentists who have tried SEO, this will sound familiar and expectations were not met. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you as a dentist or as a SEO service working on a dentist site could do to improve SEO.

  1. Small business marketing concepts with orthodontist SEO

You might be surprised to find out that not everyone is searching for terms like “Orthodontist, [your city]”. Targeting a single keyword and ignoring thousands of others is not a good orthodontist SEO strategy. People do search for all sorts of things that oral surgeons offer such as: What age is right for braces? What colors can my braces be? Do braces hurt? What kind of dental professional installs braces? Does my insurance cover braces? What are some neat uses for dental floss? Can I wear braces during sports? Do braces cause cavities? Can adults get braces? Who offers Invisalign for adults in [your city]? If you do not target such keywords as well you miss out on rankings that otherwise could and would make your phone ring.

  1. Local marketing trends in medical SEO

Your patients see you long before you see them. Medical SEO can help fill your waiting room. When consumers want health information the first place they turn is to a search engine like Google or Bing or any other search engine. Seeking healthcare information is one of the most common online activities among Internet users of all ages. Healthcare SEO is key to reaching these users. Because so many people seek healthcare information on the Internet, there is a significant opportunity for medical practitioners, hospitals, local clinics, and nonprofit organizations that employ medical SEO strategies to reach their target audiences. It also means that doctors who cannot be found in search engines are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach the very people who need them most. Whether you’re a specialty medical practitioner, a hospital, a local clinic, a nonprofit organization, or a company serving the medical or pharmaceutical industries, if you’re in the business of healthcare it is imperative that your target audiences can find you online. Therefore content marketing is a MUST for any medical practice, clinic, or hospital.

  1. Local lead generation with SEO for therapists

Let’s face it: As the owner of a physical therapy practice, you probably have a shortage of hours in your day. You’re not interested in learning the finer points of local SEO for therapists. You don’t care about the ins and outs of crafting the perfect email follow-up sequence. And you’re not even slightly amused by the cute black-and-white animal names in Google’s zoo of algorithm changes. And unless you’ve got a black belt in nerdery, why should you care?

  1. Local marketing with chiropractor SEO

Here are twelve primary keywords that you MUST rank #1 for to monopolize the local, potential patient search traffic specific to your profession:

  • chiropractor (Your town)
  • chiropractors in (Your town)
  • chiropractors (Your town)
  • (Your town) chiropractor
  • (Your town) (State Abbrev.) chiropractor
  • (Your town) chiropractic
  • (Your zip-code) chiropractor
  • chiropractor (Your zip-code)
  • (Your zip-code) chiropractic
  • chiropractic (Your zip-code)
  • chiropractic offices (Your zip-code)
  • chiropractic offices (Your town)

This is just a sort starter list. Ideally, you want to rank at the top and blanket the search engines for at least two dozen keywords and related phrases. We didn’t even go into conditions you might treat in your chiropractic office that internet users search for. You must own a couple dozen keywords if you want to pull serious avalanches of traffic without spending any money on traditional advertising. With that said, should SEO be your only strategy?… Of course not! You must combine SEO, social media and other forms of internet marketing for maximum effect and sustainability.

  1. Small business marketing with SEO for drug rehab

The analogy between SEO and any addiction treatment program is mind blowing:

  • #1: there are no guarantees
  • #2: sticking to a long-term plan makes a difference
  • #3: don’t look for shortcuts
  • #4: nutrition plays a big part
  • #5: there’s no level playing field
  • #6: there may be frustration
  • #7: motivation is crucial to success
  • #8: measuring progress matters
  • #9: expert advisors are key
  • #10: if it’s too good to be true
  1. Google local map listing for church website SEO

You already have a church website, but the only visitors are your church members.

Your website just isn’t attracting the traffic you expected. It’s a common problem, but one that is usually fixed through better church website SEO practices. The idea is to make sure your church comes up on the first page of search results when someone looks for churches in a specific area. With just a little work, you can draw in visitors to your church’s website naturally. This leads to your ultimate goal – more visitors to your church. Church website SEO leads to more members: Optimizing your church website is vital to making it work for your church. Even when you’re not actively updating the site, it’s still drawing in new traffic and potential members.

  1. Local marketing strategy with law firm SEO

Being At The Top Of Google Maps Will Bring You More More New Law Clients In A Week Than Any Other Source Can All Month. Period. What do these law firms have in common?

  • One who went from barely surviving to getting an 8x return on their marketing investment and the other a 10x return in their first year alone…
  • How about a firm that went from $175,000 per year gross, to close to $1M per year in just 4 years? And then $2M/Year a few years later?
  • How about the struggling new attorney who was doing less than $5,000 per month…not even enough enough to pay student loans and have a decent life to doing $35k last month?

The answer is simple: They all made it to the top of Google Maps, and their phone began to ring off the hook. You are on Page 1 of Google Maps aren’t you? If not it is time to get into the ring.

  1. Local marketing plan template with attorney SEO

You as an attorney have tried expensive paid ads through Google Adwords?

Attorneys spend massive amounts of money every month on paid ads such as paid online advertising offered by major search engines with costs per clicks of $15, 30 or even $100 and have no way of tracking where their money is going. Zero. …or if it’s even resulting in new business. Had you thrown a ton of money at search engine optimization to get your site ranked – even with the best SEO companies for attorneys?

…but something still isn’t clicking?

…something is off and your impossibly low revenues show it?

Sounds familiar?

So now you are at a point where you tell yourself: I need special custom attorney SEO marketing. Here’s how to move forward if you are an attorney or do SEO for one:

The real truth is that 60-70% of all searches occur on a mobile phone or mobile device and that the first place your potential client looks is your Google Maps listing. In fact Google purposely lists Maps on top of organic listings, so organic listings now have less value than they once had. Many attorneys have a Google Maps listing, but it’s buried on page 2 or 4 and no one ever sees it. Without the ability to see what your practice is all about AND more importantly read reviews about you. All in one spot. If not they move on to the next lawyer who has this in place.

  1. Local marketing system with SEO for lawyers’ blog

Most SEO firms will promise law firms the moon…or at least a top maps listing and it just never happens. Why? Because ranking highly on Maps is a science. It’s completely different than SEO. It has its own set of rules. It’s a battle, and the best-armed people win.

  1. Small business marketing leads with SEO for accountants

Accounting is one of the most competitive industries in the world. With so many firms vying for the same potential clients, you need a way to stand out and make your company grow. One of the best ways to stand out among your competition is to ensure that you rank highly in search engine results. It’s vital to start with one marketing person whose primary focus is the online world. All too often, firms don’t give their website and online campaigns the priority they need to consistently generate leads. Focus on geographic keywords such as “Orange County CPAs.” Then optimize specific pages of the firm’s website for these terms, which typically attracts a new stream of high-quality visitors. This initiative alone may be the most significant factor. By finding the right niche incorporating keywords with good search volume and that are not overly competitive, to secure high Google rankings for important words and phrases.

  1. Lead generation techniques with SEO for manufacturers

Industrial marketers view e-business as mission-critical. An overwhelming 93% of industrial marketers believe e-business, online marketing, and search engine optimization are important for their company. Within the next 12 to 18 months, this figure will swell to 98%.

The Web is becoming the hub of industrial marketing. Industrial marketers rely on their Websites to educate customers about their products, fill their sales pipeline, and enhance customer service.

Marketing budgets continue to shift online at the expense of traditional marketing. Industrial marketers are increasing spending on enhancing their website, search engine marketing, and email marketing, while decreasing spending on search engine optimization, magazine advertisements, direct mail and industry directories.

Sales Lead generation is the top online marketing opportunity for industrial marketers. Online marketing is ideally suited to address manufacturers’ top business challenge – lead generation.

Tremendous opportunities exist for companies with sound online marketing and SEO for manufacturers. Companies with a sound and effective industrial SEO online strategy for manufacturers are three times more likely to produce results.

  1. Shop local marketing ideas with distributor SEO

Industrial suppliers and distributors nationwide rely on online marketing strategies including but not limited to distributor SEO to grow their businesses. It’s also worth noting that 71% of these B2B buyers start with a generic query by entering product-related search terms, instead of a business or brand name, so make sure you optimize for product-specific keywords. As a distributor, you can also include keywords such as “wholesale” to capture B2B buyers.

It’s important to match keywords to the most relevant pages on your website — which may not necessarily be your homepage.

  1. Best local marketing campaigns with automotive SEO

Whether online or offline, every business such as any business in the automotive sector requires a marketing strategy including but not limited to automotive SEO. For an automotive business to succeed, the business owner must promote his brand so consumers can learn about the business’ mission and try the products. Powerful advertising techniques are great ways to entice your customers. Examples of these methods include the online uses of social media and online advertising or even traditional offline methods like using banner mesh or printed vinyl banners. However, to ensure each technique’s success, these marketing strategies require a budget on the business side. Here are five simple ways to allocate an online budget for your business along with each method’s grand-scheme percentage of importance. 30% Paid Search – also known as pay-per-click (PPC), 20% Social Media, 10% email marketing, Banner Advertising 10%, Offline-Marketing – trade shows, events, product giveaways, billboards, etc. and 30% Automotive SEO: This one of the biggest part of your budget for online advertising. Automotive SEO is all about the keyword selection that will attract a great deal of unique visitors to your website. Keywords from your website will appear during a Google search, in turn increasing the number of visitors to your website daily. Automotive SEO is a great advertising method that has tremendous results. When you accrue more visitors to your website regularly, you’re likely to develop more customers.

Always bear in mind that advertising is a crucial part of your business, so plan in your budget and strategy. It’s always safe to work with a 12-month advertising strategy and advertising methods on your side.

  1. Local marketing solutions with SEO for recruitment agencies

The biggest tip for your recruitment agency SEO is to research your target audience and get a strong feel for the type of information they seek in the discovery phase of the buying cycle.

In other words, think about creating useful content on how to hire the right candidates, how to find the best career for your skills, how a recruitment agency can help in these areas, etc.

The traffic you garner from informational searches – and the site engagement that results – is key to developing domain authority for the main keywords you’re targeting. Not only do you cast a wider net with informational searches, but the main website material you use for conversions will rank higher.

  1. Importance of local marketing with SEO for auto dealers and how to make a small business marketing plan including car dealer SEO

If you are a dealer in the know, you are aware that 80% plus of your car buyers are doing their research online first before ever emailing, calling or stepping foot in your showroom. What will they think of your dealership if they can’t find you through a simple Google search? Or worse, if they find a small presence and bad reviews? Managing your online presence through local search engine optimization is the key to driving increased sales. First, a word on return on investment. Your current marketing budget is most likely spent on TV, radio, and print advertising. Can you track the ROI of that investment? For instance, how many TV viewers then came to your car lot and purchased a vehicle? How about radio listeners or readers of the local newspaper? Results do not occur overnight. It is a continual effort that will give you a competitive advantage. A managed local search engine optimization plan is the optimal way to continued success. You’ll be one of the few local auto dealers in the know and will dominate your market! Think about the downside to not doing local SEO; losing market share in a world increasingly moving online.

  1. Local marketing with SEO for real estate investors

What is the highest priority keywords to claim as a real estate investor?

Well, “we buy houses in [CITY] [state]” and “Sell My House In [CITY] [state]”.

Plan Of Action To Get More Leads Using SEO for Real Estate Investors: How do you “SEO For Real Estate Investors”? Well first, you need to establish where you are. Or better put: How bad your standing is on Google, and how bad your site performs. How Do You Improve Your SEO On your Real Estate Investing Site? It is much easier to rank for city-specific pages. Much harder to rank nationally.

  1. Local marketing help for apartment SEO

The key to understanding apartment SEO is understanding that it is principally about search engine visibility rather than high organic rankings. For apartment communities, a successful SEO strategy has to account for organic, paid, and local listings. If you ignore one of those, you don’t have a successful strategy that is doing all the things for your community that a sound SEO strategy can do.

  1. Google Maps business listing with construction SEO

Obviously, these are the keywords to rank for – combined with the geo you are in: construction companies, construction management, building, contractions, contractor, builder, constructeur maison, remodeling, construed. Better Listings. More houses sold. Construction Search Engine Optimization is how you can take your website and listings to the next level. Combined with 3D virtual tour packages you stand out from the crowd to market your services.

  1. Lead generation strategies with SEO for contractors

SEO for Contractors is specifically for Roofers, Plumbers, Kitchen Remodelers, Pool Builders, Landscapers, Pest Control, HVAC Contractors, and other Home Service Businesses.

It’s a seasonal business: It’s summertime and for many people, this is a time for home improvement projects. For contractors, this also means it’s high season for business. For house painters, carpet and flooring installers, roofing companies, electricians, landscapers, swimming pool contractors, siding providers, and general building contractors, this is the time of year when ranking at the top of the search results can mean the difference between substantial revenues or mediocre profits.

Not many folks want to replace their windows during the holidays. Or renovate their bathrooms. Or install new siding. Or anything else that would mess with their crazy holiday schedule. That’s why most contractors act like bears and go into hibernation mode around mid-November. Yes, selling sunrooms during the cold months seems about as smart as selling ice cubes to Eskimos. But you know what? Shall local SEO for contractors help your business surf across this bumpy road of low sales in winter?

  1. Small business marketing strategies that work with roofing SEO

You need to be sure you are reaching potential customers in your service area. To do this, you need to optimize your website so it ranks at the top of Google’s search results for local roofers. Just as a roof is an important part of every structure, your roofing SEO strategy should be an important part of your business. An attractive, well-designed website is a boon to every business and your roofing business is no different. A well-structured, well-optimised website will make it easy for potential clients to find you within your area served.

  1. Local marketing campaigns with carpet cleaning SEO

Carpet Cleaning is one of those services that have a wide targeted audience. You can garner business from very different areas. Residential, commercial, industries etc. all lies in the scope. However, the challenge of “actually being able to target each one of them” remains.

You might have been suggested to get a website for your business. But you are still unable to see the results. Why that is your competitors are still a step ahead of you?

Getting a website is only half the job done. What truly matters is to have a strong online presence so to be recognized as the leader in carpet cleaners. How to achieve that? Your first and foremost step is to opt for getting your local carpet cleaning SEO right so that people can find your site.

  1. Google map listing with plumbing HVAC SEO

You can spend an unlimited amount of money on the architecture, decoration, design, and construction of your retail store, but if you build the store in the middle of a desert, you will never get any customers into your door. This is EXACTLY what happens when you create a website without search engine-friendly coding and a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy. The Internet is filled with great-looking websites that most people never see or find.

  1. Local leads with pest control SEO

When potential customers are looking for pest control services, 88 percent do research on search engines according to Pest Control Technology. If you want to reach that audience, optimizing your website presence is important. Pest control SEO is essential in turning online traffic into potential pest control customers.

  1. Local marketing automation with SEO for realtors

What’s the value of getting an exclusive listing? $6,000, $8,000, $ 10,000, $15,000, or even more? The ideal perfect realtor connects and networks with business partners who support him in his entrepreneurship. He delegates or out sources tasks he is not willing or capable of performing himself. He builds his custom tailor made customer acquisition process one time.

What needs to be done for a realtor is this:

  • Building the CAP system – customer acquisition process system
  • Testing keywords and traffic sources
  • Campaign-monitoring, -analysis, and -optimization
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Lead qualification
  • Call to action

The only objective of a website for a real estate agent is to attract visitors and convert them into qualified leads. Nothing more nor less. Usability is key. Remarketing is a sustainable strategy most realtors simply miss out on and leave money on the table. Split-Testing means campaign optimization. The typical realtor creates a new website every three years instead of optimizing the campaign on the existing one. They always back to square one and starting from scratch instead of following through and adding all the missing pieces. Don’t be THAT realtor.

  1. Sales lead generation with real estate SEO and Local marketing app with SEO for real estate agents

The 7 biggest mistakes made online by real estate agents:

  1. Yes, competition among real estate agents is extremely high in search engines.

Chances are that this is the reason why real estate agents tend to select other traffic sources and end up choosing the wrong ones. They burn ad-spent without targeting the right audience.

  1. No lead qualification when it comes to appraisal.
  2. Local Marketing online is all about leveraging systems.
  3. Lead generation companies only have one objective in mind: sell a lead.
  4. Most real estate agents create a website once and they miss out on optimizing and refreshing it to keep it up to date.

No accountability. No analysis of traffic sources and no campaign optimization.

  1. Real estate agents should not drive traffic to their website if they don’t want to end up in hope-marketing, but drive that targeted traffic to a landing page as the entry point of a sales funnel.

You are hoping that someone will find you among the thousands of other real estate agents in your region. You are hoping that somehow your website will rank on page 1 of Google. You are hoping that the right target audience visits your website. You are hoping that someone really wants to sell his property. You are hoping that a good look-and-feel kind of design will arrange all of the above. Most real estate agents apply hope as their driving and organizing principle in local online marketing and chances are that they apply it in their overall marketing as well.

  1. No use of systems of proven methods to collect and convert leads

Most real estate agents are simply overwhelmed by all the technical factors involved when it comes to improving SEO on-page and off-page.

  1. Local leads with SEO for insurance agents

The biggest mistake agents make is that they hear a few random tips about a specific part of local SEO and think they “get it”. They don’t. It’s good to know tactics, but only after you understand how they fit into the big picture because otherwise, you’ll create an online footprint for your insurance agency that misses key ingredients Google is looking for. Referrals is the social currency insurance agents can bank on and therefore insurance SEO should be geared towards facilitating this relationship marketing side of things.

NOTE: This is about LOCAL SEO for insurance agents to rank better on Google Maps and local searches that show local businesses. If you’re trying to rank nationally this content does not apply.

According to a recent survey by J.D. Power & Associates over 92% of internet users have used reviews to make a purchase sometime in the last 12 months. That’s pretty much everyone. Reviews matter. People don’t have time to waste shopping around or money to lose on a bad service or product. Using the collective experience of a group of people is a great way to speed up your shopping process and avoid getting burned.

Why get a referral from one friend with one situation when you can compare the average reviews of 100 people who had 100 different experiences? While online reviews have traditionally been more relevant for online products e.g. Amazon and high-volume services such as restaurants, hotels, etc. they’re quickly becoming integral for every company that does business with the public, including and especially insurance. It’s true, and yet so many insurance agents are totally passive about generating reviews from their clients. Ignoring your online reputation is irresponsible for your business.

Here are ten reasons why online customer reviews are NECESSARY for your insurance agency.

  1. Some shoppers will only call a business with reviews

To a consumer, a business with no reviews could either mean it is young and inexperienced, or that they don’t have clients happy enough to leave reviews. Even if you fall into one of those categories, the goal is to get OUT of that category as soon as you can. Generating positive reviews is the fastest way to do that.

  1. More reviews help you rank higher in search engines.

It tells e.g. google that your business is alive and well, and your customers are happy. Google’s ultimate job is to connect consumers with the relevant services they’re searching for. Do you know who never has reviews? Brand new insurance agencies. Do you think any search engine wants to send their visitors to newcomers?

  1. Reviews make your agency stand out on search engines

Let’s face it, there are a lot of insurance agents. A lot will come and go from the industry without ever getting reviews. An agency with a lot of good reviews definitely stands out amongst its competitors.

  1. Reviews are The First Impression Your Agency Makes on Prospects.

Another recent study shows that about 81 % of consumers research products and services online before they buy. That means a majority of people you talk to for the first time could have already been reading your reviews. How different do you think that conversation will be if they read great things About you?

  1. Clients Who Leave Reviews Will Refer You More

Not all clients are the types of people who actively refer their friends and family anywhere, but once they’ve taken those positive internal thoughts they have about you and your agency and put them into words, it actually makes them more likely to internalize those feelings and more likely to refer you in the future.

  1. Reviews Help You Rank Better on Non-Google Websites

Sites like Facebook, Yelp, and other search engines like Bing use algorithms similar to Google, where the more reviews you get and the better they are can lead to better placement on their pages. No matter where people find you online, you want them to have a great first impression.

  1. Too Few Reviews is a Major Risk for Your Business

If you don’t have a system in place to help you get reviews from your happy customers, one unhappy customer can make a really big dent on your business by leaving a terrible review. If you have lots of great reviews, one bad one gets lost in a sea of good ones. And even a bad review can be used for good.

  1. Online Reviews Easy to Share on Social Media

Of course, you have to get your customer’s permission, but anytime a customer gives you a great testimonial or review, it also doesn’t hurt to see if they’ll take a picture with you to share with your clients, especially if you can tag them in it so all their friends and family see.

  1. Even Bad Reviews Can Make You Look Good

A bad review is the perfect time to let your current and potential clients see you at your best. Never leave a negative review without a response. Be polite, offer to resolve the problem, and really bend over backward to make that person happy.

  1. People who read reviews know how to spot a good business owner, and this is your chance to show them one

Give your potential clients more reason to trust you. If you send someone an online proposal, include client testimonials along with links to your different websites online where your reviews can be seen. If you have a lot of positive reviews ask your prospect to compare them to the other agencies they’re getting quotes from. More often than not, your competition won’t have any reviews and the prospect will draw their own negative conclusions.

  1. Local marketing ideas with SEO for photographers

Photographers are very creative by nature, so SEO understandably falls under the gloomy area of “technical stuff”. Many SEO aspects indeed require some technical experience and the SEO grand scheme of things is not becoming simpler. By many estimates, there are over 200 signals that affect SEO rankings. Many of them fall into the “on-site” category like page titles, header tags, on-page copy, etc. – things that you can control.

Here is a selection of the most common mistakes photographers typically make:

Long or ugly domain name, using free platforms, using free themes/templates, flash websites, ugly permalinks, not redirecting the root domain to the “www” sub-domain, slow load times, not mobile-friendly, splash pages or popups, music, cluttered design (especially the header), old/outdated design, annoying, confusing or missing navigation, unorthodox menu items, too many menu items, being a Jack of all trades (having no target audience), non-existent branding (or even missing a logo), too much info, no personality, creating confusion, distracting backgrounds, poor typography, no clear call-to-action buttons, hard-to-find search, no slideshow controls, too many photos, images too small, low-quality images, overly-cropped or stretched images, color-space problems, IRELLEVANT_IMAGE_FILENAMES.jpg, no image captions or gallery descriptions, missing image ALT tags, no image theft protection, using cheesy stock photos, weak homepage, no featured galleries or portfolios, shallow “About” page, no self-portrait, no testimonials, not addressing prices, no contact info, long contact forms, no specified location, unprofessional email address, text-only or image-only blog posts, no social media sharing buttons, no email newsletter sign-up, no updates in years, ignoring on-site SEO, ignoring off-site SEO, no XML sitemaps, focusing only on SEO, going too far with ads, poor spelling, grammar, semantics, launching without proper testing, dummy/test content, difficult eCommerce process, no backups, outdated and insecure themes & plugins, poor/negligent website security, broken links or functionality, no analytics or business metrics.

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